Travel Training

Travel Trainers are individuals who have undertaken formal training with the Getting There Network and are available, within their local community, to provide travel training to groups or individuals.

Trainers will be strategically located throughout Hume Region of Victoria, in locations that have been identified by the Getting There Network. There are no limits to the number of Travel Trainers but the aim is to provide a minimum of two trainers in each Local Government Area. All trainers will be supported by the Network with ongoing training, information and resources.

For more information about Travel Training, view our Brochure. For an overview of our training programs, please refer to our Network Training brochure

To book a group or individual session or to inquire about becoming a travel trainer, please contact us or call the Network on 1300 704 530.

If you are interested in becoming a Travel Trainer, please view the Position Description, then complete an Expression of Interest