Lender Information

Do you have a vehicle that is underutilised? Would you like to earn some extra money?  Smartlink to Getting There can help!

We act as a broker between you and community groups and not for profit organisations who want to hire your vehicle.  We take care of the bookings and accounts and disburse payments to you on a monthly basis.

To join, you must Register Your Interest on the Smartlink site, accept to comply with the Membership Agreement and be approved by the Network. You can call the program coordinator on 1300 704 530 for more information. Registration is free for lenders.

Booking Policy

You determine the hire rates, availability, restrictions and whether or not to accept or deny every booking request, using our easy web-based system.  Use our Hire Agreement document or provide your own.  This is in addition to the Smartlink Policy and Procedures.

Vehicle Condition

All Vehicles must be comprehensively insured, have roadside assistance, be properly maintained and provided to the borrower in a safe and roadworthy condition.  All vehicles must be viewed by a representative of the Network before being placed on the register.

Before departure and on return of a vehicle, the borrower is required to complete the Vehicle Condition Report or you can provide your own. 


We have additional insurance to supplement your existing insurance whilst the vehicle is being hired through Smartlink.  In result of an at fault accident and with the agreement of your insurer, the insurance will cover loss of no claim bonus and/or reimbursement of the excess and vehicle hire costs for up to 5 weeks.

Please send this Letter to Insurance Company to your insurer, to explain the situation.


Borrower drivers must provide photocopied proof of their license and be approved by the Network before they are able to drive. They must hold a full Australian Driver’s License, be 25+ and be capable and suitable to driver the vehicle.

Borrowers are also able to access a driver from the Volunteer Drivers Pool


To assist us with cross promotion, your organisation may be asked please complete our Authority to Publish document.

 Please check with the Bus Safety Act regarding your vehicles registration requirements.