Borrower Information

If you are a community group or a not-for-profit organisation and you find it difficult to afford commercial vehicle hire, Smartlink to Getting There is for you!  Once you Register Your Interest on the Smartlink page, accept to comply with the Membership Agreement and are approved by the Network, you can request to hire vehicles, which are owned by others. 


You can use your own drivers but you must provide photocopied proof of their license and they must be approved by the Network before they are able to drive.  They must hold a full Australian Driver’s License, be 25+ and be capable and suitable to drive the vehicle and must comply with the Driving Licence Categories

If accessing the Volunteer Driver Pool there is a fee involved and conditions apply. 

Administration Fees 

Hire fees vary for each vehicle and are determined by the owner in consultation with the program coordinator.

Every vehicle and volunteer driver booking will incur an Administration Fees and additional fees may be charged in certain circumstances or in the event of a cancellation.

You will be invoiced within 7 working days after the return of the vehicle.  The lender will determine, in consultation with the coordinator, if the returned vehicle complies with the Hire Agreement

Vehicle Condition

Lenders are required to have their vehicles comprehensively insured, have roadside assistance, be properly maintained and provided to you in a safe and roadworthy condition.  All vehicles are viewed by a representative of the Network before being placed on the register. 

Before departure and on return of a vehicle, you or your representative will be required to complete the Vehicle Condition Report   

Vehicle Booking 

You can book by phoning the program coordinator on 1300 704 530 but it is requested that the Book a Vehicle function on Smartlink is used in order to keep the service financially sustainable.                                                  

The vehicle owner determines hire rates, availability, restrictions and whether or not to accept or deny a booking request.  Lenders may use our Hire Agreement document or provide their own.  This is in addition to the Smartlink Policy and Procedures

Refueling and Cleaning 

Vehicles must be returned refueled and in a clean condition.  Failure to comply will incur an additional fee and access to Smartlink may be affected. 


There are no carers provided by Smartlink, groups need to provide their own carers. 


To assist us with cross promotion, your organisation may be asked to complete our Authority to Publish document.