Community Vehicle Pool

The Community Vehicle Pool or Smartlink to Getting There is an asset register of vehicles that are available in local communities for hire,  i.e. a mini buses owned by a sporting club or health service.  Community groups and not for profit organisations who are transport disadvantaged are be able to search the asset register to find a vehicle suitable for their purpose and then hire that vehicle through the Network.  Commercial businesses and public services are not eligible to borrow vehicles but can advertise their vehicle for hire.  All users must be registered with the Network to access the Pool and must agree to abide by the Membership Agreement. 

Please check with the Bus Safety Act regarding your vehicles registration requirements

For more information, visit the borrower information page.

For more information, visit the lender information page.

To support the Community Vehicle Pool, a volunteer drivers pool is available.

If you have any queries please contact us or phone 1300 704 530

*This service is not available in Benalla and Mansfield.   Call the Network to express an interest.